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Overwintering Morning Glory and Tropaeolum

JudyNJudyN Posts: 119

I grew a Morning Glory in a chimney pot this year but it didn't do well, probably because it's difficult to keep it well watered (it's in a small pot inside the chimney pot). It did, however, drop some seeds into a container below. I potted up the seedlings and they're looking healthy, though only about 5" tall. Should they survive if I bring them in before the first frosts and keep them in the conservatory over the winter? It has a little background heating over the winter.

Similarly, I have a fancy Tropaeolum - can't remember the variety, but not a bog standard nasturtium - that never really thrived, but then I put it in a bigger container and it took off. It's about 4' tall and healthy, but it's too late for it to flower this year. Will it also do OK in the conservatory over the winter?


  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Hi JudyN - my (presumably bog-standard) Tropaeolum was planted mid-summer and only in the last two weeks has it budded and bloomed - it took off suddenly. 

    Mine is planted in the ground and I'll be interested to see any advice on protection for the winter.image

  • I have this "flaming nasturtium" or "Tropaeolum speciosum" a real treat, fantastic plant.

    It over winters outside perfectly well planted directly into the ground without protection however mine are not in/on an open fencing though.

    Mine are mixed within Ivy against a wall on an east facing wall in one part of the garden and mixed with "Boston Ivy" against a wall on a north facing wall in another part of the garden. Both thrive and have survived several winters on there own without any additional protection.

    Another name for it is "Scottish Flame" amongst others and I've seen it thriving in the English lakes, Ireland and Scotland. Some winters it will stay evergreen throughout and others it will die back and look somewhat untidy and dead but it will grow back in the late spring. So in the spring don't expect too see any new growth until June then all of a sudden it will just fly.

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