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Bearded Iris

What a bonus, I thought I'd missed this Iris flowering because I was away on my jollies but this week it decided to flower.


It is bearded Iris Foggy Dew and according to its label it should flower in spring through to early summer, I'm glad it got its timings wrong.

anyone else got a Plant that is a little confused ?


  • How beautiful, glad you didn't miss it!

    Me too -I have lillies that have just started blooming two days ago - but I they were confused on purpose because I bought them at a they force them to bloom late so they can sell the bulbs I guess:

    Oriental lily - 'Casa Blanca'...serene and beautiful:


    Oriental-Asiatic hybrid lily 'Kaveri'..bright and bold:


    Still waiting for some more lilies to open, and also have dahlias which haven't opened yet, can't wait!

  • JudojubJudojub Posts: 108

    Beautiful lillies wakeshine! Are they hardy? I was looking at getting some myself !

  • Thanks Aym, I know, they have surpassed all my expectations...Funnily enough, the white has appeared by accident. I bought these at the Harts stall at a garden show, and selected 3 of a burgundy lily called 'mambo'.., but this white one appeared. The other 2 have dark buds so we shall see. Anyway, Harts agreed to replace the wrong bulbs next season, but I think will get more of these white ones too as they're so nice. Need to post in your flowers thread! 

    Judojub yes, apparently they're hardy! The bulbs were huge! They give really good advice sheets when you buy the bulbs!  

  • JudojubJudojub Posts: 108

    Thank you both very much. I shall look into it! I just must remember that bills come before plants! Must be more patient lol. Thanks againimage

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