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Startlingly beautiful

This has obviously just emerged. Thought I'd share it



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    lovely image

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    hollie hock says:

    Beautiful, how can you tell it's just emerged or am I missing somthing obvious?

    See original post

     Same question here.

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  • The time of year and its perfect condition.  Spring butterflies coming out of hibernation look a bit rough (no disrespect intended, my face would need ironing after a four month sleep), plus, they'll be dead by now.  This one is in very good condition (no ragged edges and strong colours, indicating no scales missing from the wings), so will be a baby from the first batch of eggs laid this year. It will feed up and will hibernate over the winter to emerge next spring, (probably looking as tired as its parents did), to carry on the cycle.


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    My face needs ironing  after a four hour sleep HC...image

    Beautiful pic. They've been thin on the ground here this year - weather has been poor for them. I love Red Admirals image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Ha, love it! I've been at work since half five, watering 'n stuff, and my sleep lines are just dropping out!  I remember as a kid picking up the drunk red admirals on the fallen plums in our orchard. They'd fold up their wings and fall sideways. Imagine, laying in the autumn sun, drinking fermented plum juice. 


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