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What Tree and How to Prune

Hi all

We've started clearing and fencing our very first garden, one of the few plants / trees we want to keep has been left to grow out of control, we'd like help identifying the species and advice on how to reduce height to about 8 foot.

Is it as simple as cutting the main trunk at a suitable height, should this be done at a specific time of year

<a href=" Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src=" Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20160913_161451.jpg"/></a>

[URL= Uploads/20160913_161418.jpg.html][IMG] Uploads/20160913_161418.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

[URL= Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg.html][IMG] Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

[URL= Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg.html][IMG] Uploads/20160913_161451.jpg[/IMG][/URL]


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  • Hi Matthew and welcome image

    I'm afraid I can't access your pics.  Can you post them using the camera symbol on the toolbar above the  reply box.  They usually upload ok, but may need reducing in size. 

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  • Hi

    sorry - photos below. 


    many thanks

  • Yes, cherry, possibly an edible variety.  Too late for pruning now as you risk it getting a disease called silver leaf.  Prune it in early summer next year.  As it looks relatively young, you can probably safely remove that whole top section at the point it appears as if it meets the guttering in your photo.

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  • I agree with Bob, take the top out in June next year.  At the same time take off those suckers from the base - they're best removed by grasping firmly and making a strong downward pull.  That usually gets rid of the base bit that they're growing from.  If you cant do that just cut them off close with secateurs. 

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