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Prostrate hydrangea

JudyNJudyN Posts: 119

This is my hydrangea paniculata Bombshell. I bought it back in the spring from Crocus, and it took a month or two to show any signs of life.


It seems healthy enough, but the branches are pretty much horizontal, with the flower heads lying on the ground. Will this sort itself out as it gets established? Is it a case of the flower heads being too large for the young stems to support?

The site is dry and shady, but I've been pretty good about watering it regularly.


  • It's a baby still and the weight fo the flowerheads is too much for the thin stems. Yes, it will sort itselfout. Next spring, March time, you'll prune it back to a neat framework (probably only a few inches high, looking at that plant) and it'll respond by sending up strong stems which will carry the blooms easily. Some of my paniculata cultivars are 5 and 6 ft tall, no problem and the flower heads 8 - 10 inches across. 


  • JudyNJudyN Posts: 119

    Thank you image

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