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I recently bought the Honda FG110 mini-tiller and lawn care kit and to date, have been very impressed with the ease that it cultivates the soil (so much easier than digging!)

Now intend to now use it on the grass.  The scarifier is great, but he aerator, I'm am not so sure about.

It is a series of pointed wheels that do penetrate the grass, but because the speed of rotation is greater than walking speed, they tend to be cutting long slots in the grass and almost having a scarifying effect.

Is this what is supposed to happen?  Most aerating  seems to be holes or spikes, not a scarifying effect.  I imagine that other similar motorised grass care tools are more of less the same, so would be grateful for any advice.

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  • Rex the answer is to get Mo to cut your lawn he has just won the Great North Run for the third time, he could probably keep up with your aerator. No they are not meant to cut grooves in the lawn they are supposed to push a spike into the grass and leave a single hole down which you sweep sand and compost mixed. There must be a way to reduce the speed, is there an instruction book? Hang on, how fast does it go when Scarifying the lawn, I have this picture of you hanging on to the handles for dear life legs flying behind you.


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  • Thanks for your reply.  You did not read the first line of my thread.  it says 'Honda' same engine that Jenson Button uses so only a little faster than Mo!

    The engine does not have any speed control, centrifugal clutch, so when one engages the lever, it runs at the pre-set speed.  Any slower and the clutch would dis-engage.

    Does a good job on the cultivating and scarifying, but the aerator seems very fast and cuts these slots.  It would not be possible to control by running behind.  i can only imagine that the idea is that slots are cut; they would soon close again, but what do I know?


  • Rex, When I was helping on the Bowling green we did have a machine with thin blades that cut into the lawn it was used once a year before we put tons of top dressing down and raked it in, there may be some logic in your machine but apart from that I had not heard of it. I do suppose a slot is the same as a spike as long as it does not turn out to be a trench infantry could hide in. It would take more top dressing and open up the roots more. Good luck.


  • This machine intrigued me so I researched it. The Machine is called a Starline Slitter and is meant to cut slits in the turf, it does work at a faster rate although if the ground is hard may not cut deep enough to be much good.

    You live and learn, Frank.

  • I have a feeling the agricultural version of aerators cut slits so I suppose it's just as good as holes.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 55,118

    I've got this 

    it has a rake (tines on a rotating cylinder) and scarifier (blades on a rotating cylinder) which cuts slits in the lawn.  You can adjust the depth of the slits. 

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  • Have done it, lots of slots and a bit of a scarifying effect also.  Gave the lawn a mow to collect all the scarifying rubbish all will be OK when the lawn recovers.

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