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Advice needed on how to care for these plants for the winter

My agapanthus has finished flowering - what do I do with the stems now?  Do I cut them down and leave it?

The other picture shows petunia's (never grown them before) and was delighted at how many flowers they gave/how long they lasted - not sure what I do with these plants for the winter, any advice is greatly appreciated.

image  image


  •  My Agapanthus seed heads have reached same stage, still green and firm to the touch.  Realistically will they open now or is it too late ?  thanks

  • Thanks for the replies .... had no idea that petunia's only lasted for one season, mind you, they have been incredible, will definitely get lots more next year.

    will follow all advice regarding the agapanthus, that was it's second year of flowering so very proud of that.  Have just got a small lean to greenhouse so will put it in there, was wondering if I need to heat it in some way?

    I also need to find out whether I need to put any of the other plants I have on the patio in there over winter, it would help if I actually knew what I had lol ... might put some photo's in here with the title 'does this need to go in the greenhouse' ....

    Many thanks


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