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Flamingo Tree

Could some please tell me why my Flamingo tree has turned completely brown and brittle within a matter of weeks? It started with 2 large patches then practically over night the whole thing is brown.

The picture shows it the two dark patches and the whole thing turning. Is it dead or is it a decease.My Japanese honey suckle seems to be going the same way.



  • Dry, almost certainly.This sudden warm spell has caught a lot of things out. Willows are tough, but they don't like getting suddenly dry and yours has a lot of leaf to support. Don't worry too much yet, though. Probably all you can do now is flood it.  Next spring give it a good haircut,removing a lot of the twiggy untidy growth which is cluttering up the middle of the tree to allow it to make strong healthy growth again.


  • Thank you so much I have been really worried. The one I have in the front garden is fine and that is in the sun all day

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