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I was doing a bit of gardening for a woman last year who was kind enough to let me take a cutting of her beautiful fuchsia plant. I then went away for the winter and had to leave my cutting in a pot, in the hope that it would take. To my complete surprise when I returned in June this year it was growing and by the end of the summer its looking health and has flowered. The problem is, despite it having surprisingly survived a Scottish winter out in the garden this year i want to make sure I know how to care for it properly this time around, but being relatively new to this I have no idea what it is? Can anyone offer an identification or any advice for this season?imageimage


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    Hi louise. All you need to do is to allow the fuchsia to die back naturally over Winter. Leave all the stems where they are as they will help to protect the crown of the plant. In Spring after the frosts are gone and you can see tiny new shoots you can cut all the stems back to almost ground level. Give it a good feed and it should be fine.

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  • Some good advice from Ladybird there.  It also looks like it is planted in an aquatic mesh pot which is far from ideal as that will let the frost get to the roots when you overwinter it.  Plant it into a solid pot (plastic or terracotta, it matters not which.)

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    Better still put it into the ground if you have room for it. It will be happier there.

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    But only if it is hardy! Was it growing in the ladys garden in the ground or in a pot? Last winter was surprisingly mild in Scotland so it was pure luck if it survived if it is not a hardy type. So if it was growing in a pot in her garden, put it in a greenhouse overwinter or in a cool conservatory. Only put it in the ground if it was growing in the ground. There are not many hardy fuschias.

    If you want to know the name post a close up pic of an open flower.

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    I think your fuchsia is Whiteknights Pearl.I have this growing in my garden and  comes back every year.I would grow this in your garden if you have room as this fuchsia grows quite big.

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    Hi Louise

    Forgot to mention that there is another fuchsia that is quite like Whiteknights Pearl.It is called Hawkeshead and the flowers are white.

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