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I have received plug plants through the post and have potted them on into small pots, I need some advice on how best to over winter them before planting out in the spring. Do I leave them outside or give them some shelter - unfortunately I don't have a green house.


  • They are Digitalis, Verbena Bonariensis,  Erigeron and Verbascum. I do have a cold frame. Should  I put  them in larger pots -they have grown into the ones I potted them in to, but are they likely to grow much more over the winter - would they need watering once in the cold frame?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,537

    Digitalis  and verbascum can go in the ground where you want them to flower if the roots have filled a three inch pot. They will need no protection.  The other two I would give a bit of protection in a cold frame and pot into fresh compost when they start growing in Spring. They only need to be damp over winter, let them dry out between waterings.

  • Thank you so much - I now have a plan.

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    I tend to leave things like Verb bon and foxgloves outside, but if they're smallish plants, I simply tuck them into a border somewhere. That gives them protection but also means the plants are outside dealing with the elements  as well. Works well for me. 

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    Foxgloves are outdoor plants, they grow perfectly well when they self seed, they do not need cosseting.

    I think that there is a tendency to plant some stuff out when they are too small, and would do better if grown on a bit first, but it can be overdone.

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