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Coloured beds but mixed Tulip bulbs...

Ree2Ree2 Posts: 31

I have started re-vamping my garden and decided different beds would have different colour themes.I'm desperate to have Tulips in them but the bags of tulips I got were mixed (I was hoping the'd come labeled which variety they were).

I thought I could pot them up then wait until the colour is just starting to show and re-home them - would that work??

Ta :)


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,154

    Probably not. You run the risk of the plants drooping horribly and then refusing to co-operate with you. Short of planting each bulb in a separate pot, there isn't much you can do. With mixed varieties there is also no guarantee that they will all flower at the same time but you could put them in big pots and enjoy a succession of blooms.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,985

    You could plant a pot full, I often do that, but they wouldn't flower well and upright if you separated them 

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  • Sometimes it's possible to separate mixed packs by looking at the shape, and colour of the bulb skins but only if they are mixed varieties.  Personally, I no longer buy mixed packs and if they come as free offers they only get planted into pots.

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