Diseased Apple tree

Is there anything that can be done about a diseased  Apple tree? I don't know exactly what is wrong with it though. It is in my aunt's garden and it was like that when she moved in. The apples don't get very big and they are deformed also a lot just rot while they are still green. We don't understand why. imageimage

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  • Looks like apple scab to me. Common fungal disease, especially on older and weaker trees. As soon as you see affected leaves (and fruit), remove them, dispose (burn) of them.  Cut out any twigs that are affected, too.  Keeping the tree healthy by the correct pruning regime (keeping it of an open habit) will also help. There are no fungicides available to the amateur which will prevent the disease totally, but systhane, I understand, can help. However, the best methods are by good husbandry.  Some varieties are more prone and that tree may be one of them.


  • Okay thanks for your answer. We will try to get on top of it ?. 

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