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Tropical Garden on Episode 24

Hi All, I just caught the end of today's episode and fell in love with the Tropical garden in Islington. I didn't have enough time to write down the plants that he has in the garden, and as I live in Italy I'm not able to watch the episode back on i Player. Please if anyone could give me some suggestions or tips, or names of the plants for a Tropical garden I would love to hear from you. I feel inspired by David garden. 




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570

    Banana plants, Musa basjoo, and Musa sikkimensis


    Trachycarpus, hellebores, pulmonaris, some persicarias.

    Phoenix date palm Phoenix canariensis.

     Begonia luxurians Palm leaf begonia

    The roof... Agave filifera,  aloes,  Cistus x dansereaui "Decumbens"   White one)


    Hope that helps a bit.

  • That's brilliant. Thank you kindly Rosemary. Much appreciated.



  • Also loved the garden in Islington. Does anyone know where abouts it is and if it opens to the public at alll?



  • Likewise Gemma, I was wondering if that was possible, I tried to see if he had a blog or some info online,  but I couldn't find anything. 

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