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Horse Manure

Does anybody have any simple tips on how to apply horse manure. I have two buckets at the moment. I don't have the room to create an area to let it rot down. 

can I just work some of this manure into the ground? 

How do I apply it to pots? 

everybody seems to have a different technique.



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,718

    If it's fresh it has to be left to rot down until it's almost black or it will burn the roots of your plants. Two buckets is hardly enough, it will shrink as it rots. Can you add it to a compost heap?

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  • Thanks, I left it in the buckets last time to rot down. I haven't got much room for a compost heap but I'm currently doing some landscaping so hopefully that will change and I can get one In.

    would you suggest then just chucking it on that until it's well rotted and then work into the ground? 

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