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Dahlia classification


I have trouble identifying whether some of my dahlia's are balls or pompons (or is it pom poms?!)

I know pompons are supposed to be smaller than balls.

The first pic below - pink with yellow centre - is this a pompon?

Second pic - the red dahlia is larger - is this a ball?

Many thanks for any help!



  • Hi Worcester Park. I was wondering about this too, it's a good question. I got a packet of dahlias that were labelled 'pompom'. Here is the tuber packet:


    and here are some of the actual dahlias which look a bit like yours?


    So I think these are all pom-poms. I think for a ball it might have to be much tighter knit? But not 100% sure about this!

    I also found this web page:

    It says the petals have to be more involuted for a ball and that the pom poms are more miniature. But this is confusing because with mine, the yellow flower is bigger than the maroon and pink-white one, which would possibly make it a ball. image

  • Many thanks for replying wakeshine, that's helpful.  I'm glad it's not just me that's a bit confused!  :-)

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