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Will my Siberian Dogwood be ok?

C3kC3k Posts: 130

Hi. I bought this around 4-5 weeks ago and repotted it after around 3-4 days in garden. It's foliage has now died and I was wondering if it is just the autumn fall or if it is unhappy. I think I will transplant into ground this autumn. Do you think it will survive?..



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,154

    That is not a happy looking plant.....its really struggling. No idea if it will survive the winter but it doesn't look in the best of shape to face the coming months of cold and damp. What sort of compost is it growing in?

  • C3kC3k Posts: 130

    It's in a soil, GP compost and perlite mic with added bonemeal at roots before transplant. What could have gone wrong?

  • that look rather like the same plant you posted a picture of in August 2014. 

    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

  • C3k I think it may be that your dogwood was a little stressed and has gone into early Autumn shut down to conserve energy. If you've transplanted it in what sounds like a good mixture then keep it well watered and hopefully it will recover.

    Fingers crossed.

    Bright star that picture of the plant was 15th August 2016. 4-5 weeks ago.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,306

    It looks like your soil mix has dropped a bit C3k. I'd top that up round the edges so that the level is the same as it was before - and make sure it doesn't get dried out just now. A mulch of grit or bark will help to conserve moisture too.  It's possibly not been the best specimen to start with, but they're tough plants so stick with it and it should do fine.  

    I think Ppauper's right - it's just heading into dormancy. Tuck it somewhere safe for now and you should get plenty of new shoots appearing in the spring.  image

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • C3kC3k Posts: 130

    Thanks PP and FG. I really want this plant, I hope it pulls through. Will follow your advice.

  • Apologies c3k, I was looking at the last two digits of the time and got mixed up. Senior moment!! image

    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

  • C3kC3k Posts: 130

    Don't mention it Brightstar! ?

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