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too hot?

My (cold) GH was almost 120 or 40 degrees today. Is that too hot to start seed sowing? Last year I waited until the end of September, but this year I want to get started with earlier seed sowing but I don't want them to bake.



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    what are you wanting to grow GD?

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    Have you got a table or bench or a cold frame perhaps - somewhere you could get things started outside but sheltered then move them into the GH as the weather cools? I've got a wide overhanging bit of roof on my Heath Robinson shed where I can start off trays and modules out of the rain and with a bit of shade for at least part of the day. It seems to work until it starts to get frosty then I move them indoors.

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  • I am started with some aquilegia, geums, primula vivaldi, rudbeckia and dianthus today nutcutlet, and plan to sow honesty seeds tomorrow. Having read raisingirl's suggestions I am thinking perhaps I ought to move the trays from the cold GH to a covered but not so hot area outdoors tomorrow, until the cooler weather hits us, perhaps in October.

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    Primula and aquilegia, outside somewhere cool. Not in the GH at all, they don't need covering. Honesty is best sown direct. If you haven't got enough to just sling around where you want them to flower I'll add some to your collection. They don't respond well to pricking out etc. Best to start where they're going to flower.

    At this time of year I sow everything in pots of gritty compost, sling some more grit on top and leave them outside in a shady place. I bring a lot of them into the cold GH about midwinter when the GH won't get hot at all. Probably more for my benefit that the seeds'

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  • Yes agree, it is nice working in the greenhouse when all is cold and damp outside.  It was too warm for me to work in the greenhouse today until after about 7 p.m., so I set up a table in the garden for seed sowing. I will move them all outside tomorrow morning.  I bought some grit and seed compost last weekend, mixed with some perlite to give the seeds the best start.

    I do have plenty of Honesty seeds - thanks for the offer of yours nutcutlet. I thought I would try some in seed trays and there will be plenty falling off the parent plants in the weeks to come to establish in the soil for next year.

    I haven't heard of the aqilegia virus hitting the Channel Islands as yet - I wonder if there will be a problem with my seeds when they germinate?  However it could be imported with incoming garden centre plants....

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  • It would seem that Honesty is likely to be overrunning my garden next year - I have the purple flowered seeds - do either of you have the white flower - could we do a swap? My mum used to use it in her dried flower arrangements - it was one of her favourite plants, along with Buddleia Globosa and I am now the proud owner of some of her descendants.

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    Guernsey Donkey2 says:

    It would seem that Honesty is likely to be overrunning my garden next year - I have the purple flowered seeds - do either of you have the white flower 

    Pretty sure I have GD. Well, I know I have, but didn't mark any up so only think I have collected seeds from a variegated white one. The seedlings are variegated at the first or second true leaves so can be discarded if I got it wrong. I hope I got it right or my colour scheme will go to pot.image 

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    Too hot!!!! It's flipping freezing here!

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    That's so true Philippaimage

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