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Patio rose

I got a patio rose in June, it has been flowering brilliantly. I have recently had a bereavement and haven't been in the garden much. Now the rose looks like its dying its lost most of its leaves, the ones that remain are turning black, is it dying? Can I get it back? Thank you 


  • It could just be a bad case of black spot, which can make roses lose their leaves. If the stems look green and especially if you can see tiny, pinkish buds, then it is in with a chance. If so, collect up any dead leaves you can find and put them in the bin, don't compost them. Mulch the soil around it with some compost (homemade if you have it) and a few chicken manure pellets and don't let it get too dry. It should manage a few new leaves before it gets too cold for much new growth. Next year be ready to deal with the fungus that causes black spot and use a garlic spray or commercial fungicide if you prefer and spray the new leaves with liquid seaweed to improve the plant's viigour.

    If the stems are dry and brown then they are dead. If it is only a few then you can cut them out, but if it is all of them then I'm afraid there is no hopeimage

  • Buttercupsdays made a very informative post.

    To add, it could be down to lack of water as the weather has been very dry for extended periods in many parts of the country.

    If any parts of the stalks are brown, they're dead and need pruning off at a sharp angle so that rain water drips off them otherwise fungus could take hold over Autumn and Winter. If there are any green stalks, there's a chance the rose may recover.

  • Thank you very much for your suggestions x

  • Amazing to say but looks better than it did, there is tiny buds on the stems so there is hope thank you guys for your help image does this problem just affect roses or could it be pasted onto my dalias and hydrangea as well.

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