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Berberis Thunbergii

Hello I have a Berberis...really not sure what variety. typical pink leaved and thorned variety.  Presently it stands around 4ft.  Its been in for around 8 or 9 years.   It has totally shed all its leaves over the last fortnight.  It is just bare now.  It just seems too soon or have I perhaps just not noticed previous years?  the stem and lower branches seem like old wood - very silvery grey in colour the upper stuff seems ok.  Is this dying or do you think this is the usual deciduous pattern.  Ive looked on RHS and crocus for info but only really talks about fruit in Autumn although again I have not every really noticed this either!  must pay more attention!  Just trying to find out if its had it or just going to sleep for a while.  Oh and when can I prune it please?  Many thanks.


  • Are you sure the leaves haven't been nibbled by sawflies copperdog? Mine was stripped bare last year by them. 

  • Thankyou both for your replies.  Oh! im

    quite worried now. sounds odd but there's literally just powder on the floor each morning. I've been sweeping it into the flower bed! Is that bad? I sweep one day and then the power is all on the floor again. 2 things....shall I just take it out? I'm not mad about it. 2, you mention gooseberry, well this sits right in front of a blackberry loch ness. Will that be safe? Thanks again 

  • Following some fantastic advice from verdun, mine has got through this year completely unscathed, funny thing is, I'm not that keen on Berberis anymore, but hated the thought of the little blighters nibbling away at them. Neem oil as a winter wash, and provado ultimate bug killer does the trick.

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