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Passion Flower

MayLaneMayLane Posts: 203

I planted one of these by our pergola but am now reading that it is extremely invasive. It was just a cheap vine from Asda. Is it invasive or just high maintenance?  Is it likely to cause my neighbours issues? Should I replant in a pot? 

It is the common one.White and blue. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,658

    Not invasive in the East Midlands. It may be if you are in a tropical country.

  • Daisy33Daisy33 Posts: 1,031

    Not invasive or high maintenance. It sends off a few ground travellers but they are easily identified and pulled up.

  • MayLaneMayLane Posts: 203

    Phew. Thanks. 

  • MayLaneMayLane Posts: 203

    I'm in the Midlands. If it is worse than bindweed then I'll repot. 

    I'm on a new estate and all the gardens are fairly plan aside from ours which is planted up. I was worried about being the anti social gardener. 

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