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Scented geraniums cuttings

I have two rose scented geraniums which are getting very big and leggy...I want to make some new plants which according to scented is really easy. I have never done any cuttings before. I have tried but it never works. They give instructions which I am trying to follow. I want to make sure I cut them in correct place. What does this mean please:

'Choose a strong healthy shoot and cut it just above the third leaf joint below the growing tip.Neatly trim the cut end with a clean sharp knife or scissors just below the joint'

What does 'cut it just abou the third leaf joint below the growing tip'?

Do you count from the end of the stem, three leaf pairs away? !

Thanks in advance :-)

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  • Thanks Ladybird, yes I had had a look at google anyway. It's not always clear where they have cut in the full plant. The images are close-ups of the cutting. I specifically wanted to know what was meant by 'cut just above the third leave joint below thegrowing tip.' If anyone can answer this, please reply, thanks. 

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    From the top of the stem you are going to take the cutting from, count down to where the third leaf grows out of the stem and cut the stem just above that leaf.

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  • I think it means move from the tip down the stem past the point where leaves are growing out from the stem (that's the leaf joint).  Put more simply, make your cutting about four inches from the tip.   Remove any leaves on the bottom two inches of your cutting.

  • Cutting just above a leaf joint when taking the cutting off the plant means that you don't leave a snaggy bit to die off on the plant.

    Then, on the cutting, you cut across as Verdun has said, just below a leaf node.  

    This will cut off a spare bit of stem which you discard.  

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    Even my dear old Mum could do pelargonium cutting wakeshine - and she could kill plastic plants! You'll be fine.

    As the others have said - cut off a decent bit cleanly, remove a few leaves and shove it in  image

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  • Thanks all for instructions and encouragement. I will have a go!

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