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yes, literally. Has anybody out there had a shed from Garden  Buildings direct - I would be interested to hear of your experience with them, from ordering to any follow-up help required.


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    Type Garden Buildings Direct Reviews into Google and read what people have to say about them.

  • Thanks - interesting comments! Reason for asking is that my son bought one of their 'premium quality' sheds, and after it was erected by his professional builders/ gardeners, the reaction of everybody who has seen it is that it is the worst, flimsiest shed they have ever come across. All the panels are different colours, windows are flimsy plastic, and none of the joints meet properly. The erectors say they were ashamed to have put up a building like that, but they did the very best of a bad job.

    Response from Garden Buildings Direct customer services is terrible, and despite having photographs e- mailed to them, they offered a partial refund of £30. Whatever offer they might finally make, my son says he is 'going to bite the bullet, and break up the shed and take it up to the local tip'

    Perhaps he was unlucky with his particular shed, but the total lack of help or interest from Customer Relations makes this a situation where I feel anybody on this Forum remember the saying ' Let the buyer beware' if they are tempted to deal with Garden Buildings Direct.

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    If its not fit for purpose, a request for a refund is in order. Failing that, try trading standards dept at the local council. A shed should fit together and be watertight and stay up.

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    If he ordered on line doesn't he have 14 days to reject it anyway?

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    Go to your consumers , your local council can usually give you details. I was told by our local consumer that the goods have to by  law justify there use for which they were sold as ./ advertised as being used for the purpose of .........

  • Just a brief update on my son's problems with Garden Buildings Direct - he spoke to the Daily Mail Business section who love getting involved with Companies such as this, and when he told GBD what he had done they offered an immediate full refund !

    We had to take the shed apart ( very carefully I might add, as it was very delicate ),and the pieces were collected by the Company the next day.

    Son was left out of pocket as he had paid contractors to erect the shed as part of his ongoing garden refurbishment, but given GBD's original derisory offer of £30 ( based on what - who knows ), I strongly advise anyone thinking of buying from these people to steer very well clear.

    If you want to buy a shed I would say it's always best to physically see an example of what you would like to get, whether you order online or at a store.

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    Thanks for the update Pentillie. Good to know your son got a degree of satisfaction, but it shouldn't have had to come to that. 

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  • Happy Christmas to you too, Dove ?

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