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Converting lawn to garden

I want to convert a grass lawn to garden. I saw that by layering down cardboard I could then layer with compost/maure(?) and then a sheet to block sunlight and leave until spring. Is this right? I saw many articles saying to layer grass clippings, straw etc but I don't have this. We do have a large pile of compost and some manure though. Thanks for your help


  • biztbizt Posts: 3

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. "trench it in upside down about 30 cm or so deep" So dig the sods of grass out (30cm deep) and turn them grass side down? Sorry I'm not so familiar with this, could you explain a little more or send me to a link. Thanks

  • B3B3 Posts: 27,023

    Another way you could do it is to mark out brick shaped cuts with a half moon . You only need to go as deep as the grass roots. Then skim the turves off the surface.. put them in a upside down in a heap somewhere to compost down. 

    You can then dig over the exposed soil and do whatever is needed to improve it. I've never done this with a whole lawn, but do it to nibble off chunks of lawn to make flower beds.

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