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Is my Gables White Rhodo Dead?

I was wondering if someone could let me know if my Gables Hardy White Rhodo is dead? I planted it last spring in 2015 and it has been doing fine except over the past 2-3 weeks it has lost all its leaves and it's buds for next year are slowly turning brown.  I live in NJ and we did just have a very hot August which concerned me because the Rhodo in question was getting quite a bit of sun which I did counter by watering it through this hot spell weekly sometimes twice a week.  I hear that in their second year Rhodo's do shed their leaves quite a bit at the end of summer season, but all of them!? 

I am bummed because I had just mulched around it a month ago using all natural mulch, gave it some blood-meal to help the leaf color and watered it sufficiently to enhance new leaf growth into the fall.  Same process I did for all my other Rhodo's and they seem fine. All the issues began after this treatment.  

As a response to its shedding its leaves profusely and rapidly I moved it to a more protected area both from sun and wind.  The root ball was healthy when I moved it a week ago but no improvement as of today.  Please help!  thanks

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  • A week is a bit short in plant terms to expect to see any improvement. 

    Most of us are in the UK but if you post some pictures of your rhodo we'll do our best to make useful suggestions. 

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