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Transplanting from pot to bed

BreatheBreathe Posts: 114

If I move my 18 month old container grown rose to flower bed is there time enough for good rooting against the winds that strike every part of my wrap around outdoor space later in year? It's a bit spindly and has never flowered. 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,154

    You can plant container grown roses in the ground at any time of year. As to whether or not it will produce enough roots to keep it anchored during the winter gales, probably not, but it will be better off in the ground especially if we get a really cold winter. Cut it back when you plant it to stop it getting knocked around by the wind. The move to flower bed will probably be good for it and encourage it to bush out and flower next year.

  • BreatheBreathe Posts: 114

    Thank you.

    I will give it a haircut.

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