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Overwintering begonias

I have some lovely apricot shade double begonias, they don't have a tuber as yet and I wonder if it is possible to over-winter them, if so, how would I go about it


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    Hi Patricia. I have successfully kept begonias over winter in a cold greenhouse by just letting them dry off in the containers they were planted in and then repotting in Spring with fresh compost. There should be a tuber formed though so you would need to check on that before drying off.

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  • I bought them as plugs for my hanging baskets and they were glorious. Have just removed them and put into pots. Definately only roots. Maybe tubers will develop?

  • Thankyou guys, that was really helpful and shows me the way to go.

  • I've kept them as described above but never noticed tubers - not looked to be honest !  I take them out at the end of Oct and I'll check their bottoms this time.

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