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  • It all depends what kind of insects you wish to atract emma lou. Solitary bees tend to like a very dry spot in full sun so that their larvae can dry off and warm up before flying away. Many insects (centipedes, woodlice, beetles etc) like moist, shady places. I've tried to create layers with moist sphagnum moss and leaf litter on the bottom and dry hollow stems, slate etc further up. Can't say whether it's worked as yet (I may be too far north for many of the UK's species of solitary bee) but it's a hit with the beetles.


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  • emma louemma lou Posts: 159

    Wow that is amazing. It is hard to see how you have built it? I would live there if I was an insect image. I hadn't thought about the moss and foilage. Well done

  • Thanks. It's just 6 pallets stacked on top one another with platic lining / turf on top and ivy / climbing plants / sedum in some of the gaps and a big clump of moss I found in the woods near my home on the top.. I've planted some bee friendly plants on top and viola!

    I had to beautify it as my partner refused to have one unless it was reasonably aesthetic, so I had to do my best to dress it up.

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  • emma louemma lou Posts: 159

    Ha ha .....great! Actually I have a local supplier of pallets as we bought 2 last week for 2 euros as we have built a straw lined chicken pen for when it is wet. Hadn't thought of pallets. They weigh a tonne though and only managed to fit a couple in the trailer. Thanks for the idea...superb!

  • Love this.  It's like modern art!

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