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I have what was a beautiful Jingle Bells clematis (4th year planted) against a trellis. Spread 6ft x 5ft. It has been stunning from the 1st season. The leaves have suddenly in the last 2 weeks started to go brown and crisp. It has lost app 60% of its leaves and those that are left are no longer glossy but are also going brown. I can see 1 new shoot with 6 tiny good leaves growing. All other new shots are badly wilted on existing stems.

Should I cut it right back now and see what happens?

Has any body any idea for this happening?




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    I've got a clematis Rebecca that has done exactly the same.
    After the 1st flush finished in early July I usually cut back to some good buds and should then get more flowers, but there were no fresh buds this year. Then the leaves started to go brown and no new flowers.

    But a few days ago I did notice some new growth amongst the dying leaves, so it's still alive.
    I'm putting it down to the long hot dry spell we've had since the end of June.

    Rebecca is a Type 2 clematis, I plan to leave mine alone until next spring when I trim it down to about a good pair of buds at about 18"

    Jingle Bells is a Type 1 clematis - some pruning info here-

    I'm sure you'll get further advice here from someone more knowedgable than me

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    Probably dry. Check the soil at the base and if it is, give it a bucket of water, and again in a few days  image

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    Jingle Bells is a cirrhosa cultivar.

    In my experience they go brown if they get too cold, and if they get too hot ,and if they get too dry. Always bounced back so far. Last time it got the haircut to end all haircuts. All nice and green again this year. Unfortunately all these dyings back mean I see very few flowers. The big haircut was meant to see it off but no.

  • Jingle Bells has no connection with clematis Winter Beauty, one is cirrhosa the other urophylla, both are so-called ' evergreens ' but can look foul in Summer, I have a few cirrhosas and napaulensis in my nursery area, they look dead all Summer then start to refurbish about late September-October, best not to prune them or you will cut off the flowers for the coming Winter.

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    Glad you said that, Richard. My  Freckles looks like it has anorexia nervosa even though it has spread around, whilst Jingle Bells is robust. Napaulensis of course just looks like a dodo, I threw a bucket of water on it today in case it needed reviving.  image

    My Lambton Park which I have previously mentioned is manic. It's all over the place (not that I mind) but the stems  from the ground to about 5' look brown and dying but there are new shoots appearing about 2' above the ground. As it is lively and there are new buds and flowers everywhere I don't want to cut it back but I am awfully confused.

    Soz SK831, not much help to you!

  • imageimageimage

    imageThe ' yellows' clematis are really taking off now, don't stand in their way !!  Your Lambton Park is a superb plant, just let it run its natural course, you will probably have flowers until November.  I never prune the yellows until April, when I can see new seasons growth, then only to about 3 ft.

    These are a few pics from the garden today,

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    I have Bill MacKenzie up a huge conifer, never pruned, I could cut it off but I'd never reach the dead bits to remove them. So it starts flowering late May/June and continues forever. Buds, open flowers, white and brown seedheads up there now. Generally known as the Christmas tree on account of all the baubles in a conifer

  • Bill McKenzie, what I call a REAL clematis !!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 25,882

    Very real Richard.

    btw, I'm having great success with some of tour seeds and seedlings. Some are only ones or twos, baldwinii and ?Wedding Anniversary, might not be exactly the name, Twinkle's babies and songarica in number.  Thank you for all those.

    Vince Denny cuttings and cartmannii seeds from other sources doing well also. It will be a clem-fest here soon.

  • I have a winter beauty clematis that has started to die. 90% of its leaves have turned brown very quickly this winter when they should be a glossy green. It is covered in buds and I am expecting them to start dropping soon. I suspect that the problem is too much water or poor drainage as opposed to poor positoning or too dry.

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