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Seasonal changes

Hi all

Just catching up with some pictures and thought i would share two with the members

Its amazing how your garden grows and i am really pleased that i keep lots of pictures and post my progress so that all can share and i can learn further from all the networking friends on the site

In five months from just soil to bounty  its amazing how your plot or garden can be transformed

Happy gardening and before and after pictures more than welcomeimageimage


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    That's VERY impressive Chris

  • My first word was "BLIMEY". Says it all really.

    Well done! image

  • imageimageimage

    Wowzer!  Amazing job!! 

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  • image

    Hi all

    just an update picture taken this week.

    Gardening is an amazing therapy to fitness, health and well being and this goes from 5 year old to whatever as some of my greatest friends made since I got my allotment are as I would say very well matured but have the knowledge

    If I counted the years of experience in gardening within twenty plots of mine I would get approx 350 years in age, wow so don't forget to ask a question if you have one.

    Picture shows the seasonal changes from April, August and now December

    Whatever the season produce is still given from your garden and just let's enjoy whatever you have your return of healthy and fresh fruit and veg

    ps picture is from December above are earlier

    Happy gardening

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