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Poorly Jostaberry

Hello all I hope you can help.

i have a large Jostaberry with what I think are two problems that are showing on the leaves.

1 the leaves go shiney then there seems to be a burying insect problem? Never seen any though. It effects the whole plant distorting the leaves. This happened last year too After a very promising start.

2 the leaves have gone brown/ golden mid branch.

Ive had it 2 years now and bought it as a year old bush. There's always been lots of healthy new growth like this year but it's 3 years old and not had one flower yet!

Any thoughts? I'd dig it up but it's the first plant I bought for my first proper garden so I'm quiet attached.image



  • Looks like leaf miners.  Remove all affected leaves and regularly lightly cultivate the soil around the base as these insects often pupate in the soil below after dropping out of the leaves.  I would put down a couple of inches of well rotted manure as a mulch in about a month's time which will feed it for next year.  They do take a few years to start fruiting so worth persevering with, especially as picking the fruit is so easy because of the lack of thorns.  Watch for the birds when it does start though! image

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    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    Thanks BobTheGardener I'll do as you suggest. It'll be a bit bare but I will keep with it! I may move it in Spring so I can keep a closer eye on it! Thanks again! 

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