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Storing allium bulbs

They'll be in the shops here in the next week or so and ready for planting straight away so I wouldn't worry.  

What kind are yours and have you planted them deeply enough to be safe from any frosts this winter?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,627

    I have Christophii and Purple Sensation and Sphaerocephallum nectarospordum and a white globe form that all spend their lives in the borders from one year to the next and come up and do their thing with no probs.

    I think they'll be fine planted now.   I reckon the "plant in october" advice is a "not later than" so the bulbs don't start to dehydrate and weaken.

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  • Agree with obelixx, planting as soon as you get them is best.  Apart from a few fussy bulbs (esp. those which won't survive our wet winters as they are native to different climates), bulbs only deteriorate when left dry and unplanted.

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,822

    Hi aym. I have just planted my 4 Allium giganteum into 25cm pots - one per pot - as I am intending completely revamping my front garden next year and all my precious plants are being saved in pots until then. I have also planted Allium schubertii in pots (3 per pot) and am awaiting more through the post. Think I've gone a bit onion potty this year but having seen them all at Tatton earlier and how swamped in bees they were I just had to have them.

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