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Wrong compost?

I repotted my camellia a few weeks ago and I think I might have used the wrong compost. It's 'Canna terra professional soil mix'. I got it on Amazon and it had good reviews but maybe it's not acidic enough. Should I redo it with different compost? Or, should I feed it with something to acidity the soil more? The camellia seems fine but maybe it can take time to show problems. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,685

    Camellia can be tolerant to normal pH soils but do best in an acidic soil, or ericaceous compost.

  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    I ordered online because I'm not nearby to any garden centres and it works out cheaper than driving there. It's also nice to have it arrive at the door and not have to lug heavy compost bags into the car and out again. This stuff was listed under 'ericacious' but it doesn't say that on the bag.

    I'll change the compost. I just wasn't sure what was best, and I've read that you can acidify the soil by adding flour of sulphur, which I already have. 

    How often in general should I be changing the compost for pot plants? I keep reading different things. Some say to change it every year. Others say it'll damage the plant due to disturbing the roots. Is it better to leave them alone and just add plant food? 

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