Lemon bush

My lemon tree/bush has flowered for three or four years this year it flowered and what seemed like small lemons  appeared however I found they had all disappeared  . Another flower has appeared should I wait or can anyone suggest what happens the plant is 5 years old 


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    Is the plant indoors or outside? The RHS recommends putting them outside during the summer and bringing them in during the winter, and they need a lot of feeding during the summer months.


  • Depending on your location, Citrus can remain outside all year round but do require protection from heavy and/or prolonged frosts - if in a pot as opposed to in the ground, waterlogging could be a problem.

    An unheated G/H would be another option.  They are rarely happy indoors in the winter - too dry an atmosphere usually.

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  • Thank you perhaps to dry it does get very hot where it is situated.

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