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Compost foxes WONT eat

I have a terrible problem with foxes digging in my garden, I have just read that they are attracted to certain composts because of their ingredients. Can anyone recommend a compost foxes do not like? 


  • jgarogersjgarogers Posts: 2

    I have just had many problems with foxes and J Arthur Bower's multi purpose compost. I hope the ultrasonic repellent works.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,364

    They are attracted by anything containing FBB, which is the reason I now use Growmore as my general purpose fertiliser.

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  • jgarogersjgarogers Posts: 2

    Thanks punkdoc. I shall use this in future. I found the one thing to deter them a bit is to put bamboo canes in the area.

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