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Canna seeds

finished flowering, didn't do too great due to my wind tunnel garden in all locations

but i dont remember it seeding before

so what to do once they have dried and ready, sounds like not easy to germinate..?

answers on a postcard please



  • and i presume still good to dig these up in late autumn to over winter, dont try and mulch over etc?

    they much fatter base/roots this year

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966

    Canna seed are fairly easy to grow.

    I sow in early Spring, having sand papered off a bit of the seed covering, and soaking for 24 hours.

    They need good heat to germinate, but will grow quickly.

    I would certainly dig the parent plant up, to over Winter.

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  • I had good germination after soaking the seeds for 24 hours. Don't bother with sandpaper.

  • ok thanks guys, ill bag em up when ready and look into in the spring

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