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New fruit cage. Planting help

I have a new fruit cage 3.3m x 3.9m orientated N/S along the long edge.  I am hoping to plant up this autumn.  My initial aspiration, starting at the eastern edge, was for a row of autumn raspberries, a row of  summer raspberries, a row with cordon gooseberry, red and blackcurrants and a row of strawberries.  However from my initial research on distances this will not work. If I reduce to just a single row of raspberries would I then have enough and what distances would be the minimum between rows. 

Any advice or suggestions much appreciated.


  • Nicky29, would you be so kind and post a photo if you can

    I would love e to see the fruit cage. I'm planning to create one too

  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 4,698

    Red currants are quite a lot bigger than blackcurrants. Both need a bit of space and air around them to avoid diseases.

    Raspberries don't seem to mind being a bit crowded as long as you feed them. I'd probably have a double row of raspberries with summer fruiting at one end and autumn at the other. They aren't thorny, so it's possible to pick through a row, and if you plant them in a double row with a path in front and behind that uses less room than 2 rows and 3 paths.

    Raspberries don't mind a bit of shade, keep your strawberries on the sunny side. 

    I would maybe grow strawbs in hanging baskets above the currants (which are only about 1.2m tall if you're pruning them for maximum fruit) to save floor space? Strawberries on the ground get eaten by slugs and mice here so I have to keep them off the ground and they seem to grow well in pots.

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  • nicky29nicky29 Posts: 9

    image not sure how picture will come out as had to reduce size and not an expert at these things!    

    Will put netting on once planted and once decided on planting and distances etc.  need to put up posts and wires.   Hedge is on the north side.  

    Covered with weed suppressing membrane to keep the weeds down - the ants love it underneath!

    Hopefully the rabbits will be kept at bay, but a mole has already breached the defences and is busy undermining all my veg. Ggggrrrrrrrrrr. :(.

  • image

    This is my plan at the moment.   Hope it can be zoomed in on as  had trouble loading a 'bigger' file.

  • Looks like it is OK.  Meant to say that have put prickly goosegogs at the fence end and not the path end.

  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 4,698


    “There is no military solution
    Doesn't always end up as something worse”
  • bulkerbbulkerb Posts: 258

    just a quick one have you thought of growing Blue berries in your cage

    and are you growing your raspberries on a single wire I like to use 2 wires I find it allows easier picking and allows more air to pass through the canes Lester.

  • Just wanted to say many thanks to those who contributed and gave me some very useful ideas.  Apart from netting which I will now do in the spring, all construction and planting is now complete.   I am going to attempt to load a photo.

    Happy Christmasimage

  • Merry Christmas to you to nicky29 ????. Seems you have been very busy and that whole area looks excellent, well done! ??. Can't wait till next year now to see the fruits of your labour....(did you see what I did there)? ??

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