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why am i losing the flowers from my runner beans even after i have misted them


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello mull, have a look at the thread on 10 th August called Bees not doing Their Stuff. I think you will find that you have the same problem as described there.image

  • mullmull Posts: 4

    thanks waterbutts,i will investigate.

  • My daughter has the same problem (I grew all our runner beans from seed and she had 20 plants from me). She has this problem but I don't, we've picked pounds of beans & frozen some - eaten a lot!  

    We have put a lot of it down to birds [particularly sparrows] taking the flowers, even though we have white flowering runner beans [Moonlight from Dobies seeds in Painton, Devon]. Only difference otherwise is that I have mine in the garden soil whereas my daughter has grown them in 8 large pots + a special Bean growing bag from local GC, given a trial this year but she has kept the plants well watered so it's not about letting them dry out.

  • Jan 8Jan 8 Posts: 4

    The bee problem I have not got.

    But don't seem to have many beans this year.

    But my next door neighbour has loads and his plants are strong and healthy.

    Also don't ask, ha ha.  I accidentally planted a sun flower plant in between the bean plants and the bees love it, the other day I had 4 bees on one flower and others on the beans.

    Maybe this could be the trick I've accidentally found?.

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