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Hi from France,

we finally plucked up courage and bought a bougainvillea which I then planted, it has taken well but I'm now wondering about the over-wintering bit. We get some quite sever frosts around here, I have lost fuchsias which survived in my UK., garden, so the question is do I have dig it up or supply it with a 13TOG., quilt for the winter.

Any help is welcome,

Cheers, Ken S..


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,832

    Hi Ken. How lovely to be living in France! The first thing I would do is take a look around at other gardens in your neighbourhood/locale and if they have Bougainvillea growing then I would not be too worried about yours. If you don't see any then I would think about just protecting the roots if a severe frost is on its way. You could also protect stems etc. with some gardening fleece or even newspapers. I wouldn't dig it up to pot it as the stress of moving would probably not be too good for the plant.

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  • Hi Ladybird4, thanks for the info., thinking about it I haven't seen them growing around here so I'll go with the garden fleece when the time comes and keep my fingers crossed.

    Cheers, Ken S.

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