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Using Bamboo for Screening

Hello all,

Having read up on various plants that are good for screening (to a height of up to 2.5-3m) and without the need to wait for it to grow, it seems that clumping bamboo is a good choice.

Can anyone please suggest a good place to buy this type of bamboo, already grown? It will have to sit in troughs (I'd like to use rectangular ones rather than several pots to cover a space about 3m wide) and is in an area largely in shade (it gets about 3 hours of sun in the morning). Basically I'm trying to screen a wall between my neighbour and I that is only 4ft high and about 3m long, although her house sits lower than mine so I'm looking for a total height of about 7ft. I also thought bamboo would be nice as it would flow in the breeze rather than be a static block.

Any suggestions most welcome. Thank you.


  • The genus I would look at is fargesia, rather than phyllostachys. Shorter, more densely crowded with finer stems, it grows to about 8 - 10ft (2.4 - 3m) when well grown. Look at troughs, perhaps the galvanised cattle trough style, as planters.  I stock them, and they're easily sourced, if the plant centre is good enough.  Should cost you about £35 - £50 for a 4/5ft (1.2 -1.5m) tall, well established clump in a 7.5 litre pot, more if in a 10 litre, when it'll be about 6ft (1.8m.) tall.


  • Thank you H-C. You stock the Fargesia or the troughs? I notice your garden centre is in Winchester? I'm in Salisbury so if you stock the bamboo, I'd like to come along and have a look. Would I also have to then split and/or re-plant the bamboo into the troughs?

  • Conscious of not advertising on this site so didn't want to pursue that line. Allow me a thought or two and I'll direct you further.


  • Ok thank you very much. 

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