My garden redesign progress

hi all, so although I live in a flat with no garden I have recently taken over my girlfriends, its south facing, approx 18ft wide by 60ft long, clay soil and divided into 3 main areas


Iv started at the bottom of the garden and intend to work back towards the house, sorting the grass area first and then onto the upper paving areas.

heres the first bed at the very bottom of the garden, after digging it out and removing as many weeds and stones as I could it now looks like this, a rose I planted in the centre, passion fruit climbing in the background and I'm not sure what the plant on the left is? ID anyone?


I also sorted out a nice little potting area with a potting table I made from a couple of old pallets I would have had to burn otherwise, just some gravel to add ????


Still loads to do but thought I'd share where I'm at so far. Comments and criticism welcome ;)



  • I think it looks awesome!  Love the Chiminea and the potting bench is wonderful image.  I think the plant on the left in the second photo is a sedum!  Should be just about to come into flower as well!

  • Ah thanks, the chiminea gets lots of use :) and I think you're probably right on the sedum, it's just starting to blush pink now, thankyou 

  • I adore your potting area!

  • FirecrackerFirecracker East Lancashire.Posts: 254

    Great start, image and another for potting areaimage

  • Cheers irishgardener, still needs painting and pea gravel to go down but Yh im happy with it :) 

  • imageimageimageimage

    finally dug the long flower bed out and dug in horse manure compost and added some planting, it's getting there slowly but surely! Iv also planted lots of spring bulbs so hopefully lots more colour in the new year ?

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  • imageimage

    Plum tree and more planting

  • imageimageimage

    The frame for the plum tree is finished and in place, and Iv been busy with the winter violas and lots more bulbs

  • imageimage

    Started work on the raised bed vegetable garden, waiting for more timber to finish the right side. Iv started filling the first bed, newspaper/brown material/compost/green material and going to finish it with a layer of topsoil and a top dressing of well trotted farmyard manure. Really excited for this part of the garden, I can't wait to get planting the veg :) 

  • imageimageProgress on the veg patch, all the beds are now built and full and mostly covered in mypex type weed control fabric ready for march planting.

    just the paths to sort out now :) 

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