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What can I do instead of paving?

HELP!! I need advice. I am in a wheelchair and love gardening, but most of the garden is very uneven (made worse by a dog that loves to dig). This has made it very difficult for me, I had considered having the area paved, but the quotes were just too expensive.

The area is approximately 4 metres by 5 metres. Is there anything else I could do with the area to make it more suitable for a wheelchair, without the need to rob a bank?


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    You can get that grid stuff which can be used with either grass of gravel but I've no idea of cost.

    This is the first one I came to but there'll be others.

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,645

    Decking? I know it's frowned upon by the trendies but it's quicker to put down and cheaper than paving. I wouldn't use it if it's north facing though - it gets slimy. 

    Use gravel boards or even scaffold boards from a builders yard (rather than 'decking' from a garden centre/DIY place). Scaffold boards are less likely to warp but even gravel boards should stay flat enough for a wheelchair access if they are screwed down (rather than nailed).

    Or site poured concrete. We've made a patio in the past by building a 'grid' using roofing battens and then pouring concrete into the gaps so it looks like slabs. We yellow sand to get a limestone colour and a brush to 'rough' the surface slightly. After a year of weathering it looked like old stone flags. Takes up the uneveness with a lot less faff than paving. Not sure if it wold work out cheaper but may be worth asking the question.

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