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A new redesign

Hi there,

Im hoping for some advice on setting my new garden design. Im moving house in the next few months and been collecting plants and growing them in tubs in preparation for planting but now i need a little advice before i commit to something i cant easily change!

The Site:

Scottish Highlands climate. The garden is located next to a river on high ground, there is no chance it can flood. The orientation is an East/West rectangular garden with small trees(birch) along the northern perimeter and tall trees (Beech) along the southern. 

The approximate area is about 3 square acres, with sheep fields on 3 sides (obviously not the side with a river!)

I currently have 9 chickens and 4 ducks so a portion of the garden will be a duck pond for the ducks, but it will be fenced off as I have young children. 

The prevailing wind is East/West and these 2 sides are void of trees, so ive grown some willow trees and flowering current bushes to try and grow a wind break.

Im getting a new poly tunnel as well and after my previous experiences think it may be better in an east west orientation pointing into the prevailing wind, but I dont want it under the tall trees where the wind is reduced in case a branch falls and punctures it. but the side next to the short trees is close to the river and has a funnel effect in high winds.

im also interested in trying out some hydroponics experiments as ive got a large supply of duck pond water and it seems to be like steroids for plants when watered with it.

Now for the questions!

1. which site would be better for the poly tunnel? low wind with change of branch or high wind and chance of high funneling of wind! (it will be an anchor plate and ground rail design)

2. is duck pond water suitable nutrient water for hydroponics? I was thinking of having water beds in part of my poly tunnel with a small pump to oxygenate the water from a small reservoir.

3. Any tips for reducing the smell of the duck water without removing the nutrients! im testing it for establishing toots just now and its very smelly in heat!

4. will raised beds give any frost protection for temperatures from -5 to -20  degrees Celsius.? Was hoping to make river rock ones to give a more defined lawn.

Thanks for any pearls of wisdom!

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