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Planning for next year ...

For me it's consolidation of what went on this year into the bare beds, so probably not many more new things*.  Possibly a few extra oriental poppies (beauty of livermere) and alliums (Christophii, gladiator, giganteum).

I might get the GW offer of trilliums, and definitely need a substantial amount of spring bulbs but most likely more of the same (tulipa purissima, queen of the night).

Apart from that it's going to be watching with interest how the new plants grow - climbing / rambling roses, camellia, philadelphus, viburnum etc.

*I'll probably end up buying loads...


  • Daisy33Daisy33 Posts: 1,031

    Would like to try growing Heliotrope, Thunbergia (black eyed Susan) and Chilean Glory Flower, but I may be overdoing the climbers a bit. Oh, and a white Veronicastrum.

  • Oh my how to narrow it down! My Zinnia's did appallingly this year so want to try again with them!  I have the most amazing chocolate coloured Gazania's I'm totally in love with them so want tons more!!  Also after seeing the beautiful Gladioli on GW last night I'd like to try them in my cutting garden Next year. image

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    I just can't stop purchasing. Loving my echinacea this year, brought one from Morrisons for £1-2 in early June and it's already big and flowering. My favourite part is the spiky texture - definitely getting more next year.

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