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I have a long and narrow back garden which I am wanting to renovate.

The space is 6m x 18m (18ft x 55ft), east facing but the central 6m square gets the sun most of the day. I am looking to have an area in the middle of the garden which my wife and I can sit out on and I would like an area to grown vegetables/ herbs etc.

I am willing to consider any ideas, I have laid a patio before and I have friends in the trade so should be able to do most jobs. The garden backs on to a field and both neighbours don't have rooms on the back of the cottages so the garden isn't overlooked.

Any more information needed just let me know. I will upload some photographs for guidance.

Thank you for any suggestions you can offer!


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  • Leady_bLeady_b Posts: 3

    imageimageView from conservatory looking East and view from the shed looking towards the house

  • Leady_bLeady_b Posts: 3

    imageimageView of the (very large) shed and the area next to it. The gate at the back opens out on to a field. The shed is approx. 2 x 6m (6ft x 18ft)

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,138

    Divide it into zones using trellis panels or shrubs or trees to block the view so you want to explore to see what's beyond but also to define areas.    You can make 3 areas of the same size and use circles to make them seem larger so that would mean 3 circles of either paving, grass or gravel according to taste or budget and then plant up the beds left round the outsides.   Another option is to use straight diagonal paths to zig zag down the garden making large and small triangular beds/lawn. either side.   Diagonals make narrow gardens look wider too.

    Veggies generally do best in full sun so think about making your sitting area at the end of the garden where you will have both sun and shade depending on the weather and views over the fields.  You can smarten up that shed with paint and baskets and troughs to make it attractive and grow aromatic herbs in pots in the sunnier bit.

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