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Crocosmia and plant companions


firstly, Lucifer is not invasive. despite its name it is not a "devil" to control.  image

It does form large, very large clumps.  Here I have them in half a dozen places but every one will be dug up and divided every 3 or 4 years. They are then given away or potted into 5 litre pots for future planting.  Clumps are never overly divided.....always put large clumps back.  Tiny plants will struggle for a year or two.  Some may argue about size of corms, depth to plant them and what to do and what not to do but, essentially, they are easy peasy uncomplicated plants.

they need warmth.....hotter the better for a generous flower to foliage ratio. Don't let them dry out completely but they like it free draining. 

Neighbours?  I posted a picture a few weeks back of one clump of Lucifer.....a canna Pretoria to one side, persicaria Red Dragon in front and a Geranium Brookside in front of that.

in another spot I have Lucifer next to Miscanthus Variegatus...a fountain of white foliage..and next to that a Berberis Gold Ring.  In front I had a white lychnis Coronaria next to Phormium Dazzler.

in another spot I have one of my seed-raised Bishops Children now comtinues the red flower theme well into November.   To its side is a pittosporum Irene Patterson.  In front of the lot are Dianthus Moments and a group.of yellow argyranthemum....Jamaica Primrose, an older form but still the best in my book and raised from cuttings.

In another spot I have Lucifer behind a large Lonicera Winter Beauty.  

Elsewhere Lucifer stands next to acer Flamingo.

i have to say almost all my Lucifers have practically finished flowering but here they start very early and go on for several weeks.

Lucifer would go well with Salvia Amistad, any helenium, agastache Black Adder, persicaria Orange Field or similar, or with grasses.  For a contrast of shape ...Lucifer has sword-like foliage that I like....a rounded shrub like choisya would look good.  In this case red flowers atop white flowers of choisya.  

Have fun with your Lucifer. image


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    I got a bit of Lucifer from a lady round the corner. She was walking her dogs and saw me pulling up the common orange one (which is a thug). Apparently it's not a spreader like the orange crocosmia.

    Mines growing in a black bucket at the moment image.  I'm going to lift some flags and try to make a "hot coloured" area, just need to gather a collection of red/orange stuff together to make a half decent patch.

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Apart from the flower colour one of the differences I noticed was the leaves.

    Common orange has thin, flat leaves. 

    Lucifer had slightly broader leaves which were ridged, as though they had been origami folded. (Bit like a long paper fan, if that makes sense image)

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    Oh! I have blades like that and wondered if they might be crocosmia.

    This is my third Summer in this house and they have never flowered? Anybody any ideas Why?

    I have some in a pot that have been flowering for ages. 

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