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I have several buddleia plants and would like to propogate and have a wide hedge. 

I have tried the last 2 years to get more plants without much success.  

The stick in the ground definitely didnt work for me.  Last year i tried in pots and still only got a couple of weaklings.

i think the problem with taking semi ripe cuttings is that you need a stem with no flowers (it says) and there just arent any.  All stems end in a flower.  ???

i thought just removing the flower would work but clearly im a bit dim. Any ideas on getting better success? 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,817

    Hi a1154. Have you any seedlings from your Buddleja in the garden as they self seed profusely and these will gradually grow to make your hedge. You are doing the right thing with your semi ripe cuttings. Remove the flower head and cut 15 - 20cm lengths between the nodes (where the leaves grow out of the stem) and push several of these round the edge of a plant pot in seed/cutting compost. You say that you got some to grow this way but they were weaklings? You have to be patient and give them a chance. They will all look a litlle puny at first - including the self sown seedlings.

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    If you want the same colour, you have to take cuttings. I  cut my plants down in March, and then take cuttings from the new growth when it is about six inches long in late April /May. I use the strongest shoots. The buddleja will throw out new shoots which will flower.  I put them, one to a  deep four inch pot of gritty compost. I then put in an unheated propagator with a lid on , but you could use individual pop bottles. remove any leaves that are too large and likely to go mouldy. They root in about three weeks, I leave them in those pots for the first year, then plant out or move into bigger pots the following spring.

  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,046

    Ill have a look for seedlings, but they are in fairly rough grass so probably not. 

    Ah ok.  I thougth you were maybe onto a loser if it did have a flower head for some reason.  I didnt put them round the side of a pot, ill try that. 

    Yeah the couple i have grown are not strong plants for some reason. 

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,817

    Give them time image

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