strawberry winter care

Hi all , what should I do to my strawbs , they still look quite healthy wondered if I should cut them back when they start to go brown . They are in containers so should I give them some feed for the winter or add some fresh compost and protect them . Got 6 runners going . the strawbs are from my x allotment  think they are on their second year , got a decent crop but not as tasty when they were in the ground I hope it's cos the weather wasn't too good early on . When I transferred them to my patio last year I wasn't too kind to them and they survived , so ... what do you think ? Thx


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    I have potted on the small plantlets from the runners and as such will have new plants to grow on next time..  Old plants might be good for a couple of years but not a lot longer.. Last year I picked out the brown leaves and debris and the tired looking ones, added a little more compost that was all... It worked for me, but the crop this year was not as prolific as last..  Which is why I am propagating new ones got about 15 so far. All mine are container grown cos of slug problems in the ground grown ones.

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