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Getting by with just shed and no greenhouse?

Our new shed is coming in September. And because its on the large side (8x12), I get to have a potting area next to the south facing Windows. 

I want to do some seed sowing each year and protect some plants over winter - will just the shed be ok to do that? 

Might it worth buying a cheap little wooden cold frame? The only spot for one would be mostly in the shade behind the shed. 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,051

    You could start your seeds off in the shed as most do not require much light to germinate. If the plants that you wish to protect are still going to be growing through the winter then your shed might soon be overflowing. You could see how you do this year and then decide whether to invest in a cold frame next year.

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  • My other half did offer to get one that was half a potting shed. I was foolishly kind and said no to give him as much space as possible (and also because I'm kind of hoping his monstrous rowing machine ends up in there and NOT our new conservatory!) 

    we do have some cables that ran into the old shed.  we can't work out their source in the house though so need to get my friend over who is a leccy to investigate. They do work though as they spur off from the power that goes into the light in our remaining shed. 

    Hmm, maybe a tiny greenhouse might be the way to go. Though it would still only be a fairly shaded spot. Under oaks in the summer and behind the shed. In winter the leaves are gone but the sun will be almost blocked by the fence  


    ps, what are 'leggy' young plants? 

  • I would but I don't think my husband would want my gardening habit spreading into another room! 

    Also, all the spots i could put them are unfortunately within grabbing reach of an extremely determined 10 month old! 

    The four shed windows can all be opened, and we can leave the wide door open on sunny days

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

    I would have suggested starting your seeds off in the conservatory, that's what I do. If that's not an option look at cold frames or mini greenhouses.

    Once they've germinated your little seedlings need lots of light, "leggy young plants" are ones that have grown tall and spindly searching for the sunlight. 

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