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Does anyon know how you access the secret garden section - every time I enter my subscriber number in the log-in box it comes up with an error - this is driving my crackers!


  • lisabjlisabj Posts: 15

    I am already logged into the site so I shouldn't need to put in my password again, and if I do, I can't see anywhere to put it!

  • lisabjlisabj Posts: 15

    Got there purely by accident - I entered without putting in my subscription number and it then asked for my surname and that worked.  Not very logical if you ask me!  Many thanks for your help anyway, Verdun.  Lisa.

  • NoraWNoraW Posts: 393

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear you've been having issues logging in to the Secret Garden. Please could you send the following details to [email protected]...

    - Full name

    - Postal address

    - Subscriber number

    These have to be the details you provided when you subscribed, rather than your details (if different). Can you also explain what the issue is that you're experiencing.

    Thank you image

  • lisabjlisabj Posts: 15

    I know what you mean - 'though I am trying to do things mostly by propagating these days, so I have pots of cuttings all over the place and end up mostly giving them away (it's the only way I can keep friends!!!!).image

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