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I have been gardening for quite a few years now but still don't know when and what I should be feeding.  I get the impression that you should feed when things wake up and sometimes when they go to bed i.e. spring and autumn but I am totally confused.  Should you feed bulbs (in particular agapanthus, tulips, daffs)?  My two favourite foods I reach for are Tomorite and Blood Fish and Bone - is this ok.  I always feel that plants need a good feed after going to all that effort of producing flowers but will it make them produce leaves or next year's flowers too early or will it merely just go to waste? If anyone can help me and finally stop this annual confusion I'd be so grateful.  Thanks.


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    Hi Teenrbee. Your two favourite foods are most gardeners favourite foods - for their plants of course! image Basically, you can feed all your flowering plants with Tomorite when they are in flower, as this will promote more flowers. B,F and B makes an excellent top dressing in the Spring round shrubs etc. and can be added to soil when plants are being put out into the garden. During Autumn and Winter there is no need to feed anything at all so save your money. The bulb plants you mention store food made by their leaves in the season they grow so feeding them is not too critical at all. This is why it is important to leave the leaves on all bulbous plants until they die off naturally. Never tie the leaves in knots, cut in half. or bend over (shudder!!!!). Untidy leaves can be disguised by carefully planting a perennial in front. I hope that this helps.

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  • TeenrbeeTeenrbee Posts: 57

    Many thanks Ladybird4 that's helpful.  I do let the bulbs (all varieties) die down naturally so I am getting something right! I didn't know if they needed an extra boost though.  What sparked this question was that a well known Peony grower/show person suggested feeding peonies with a little BFB in spring and autumn, which I wasn't aware of before. It got me wondering if there were any hard and fast rules on feeding. My agapanthus are grown in a pot so I don't know whether to repot them next spring or just leave them be and hope for the best following the principle that they will get all they need from their leaves? They have been ok the past two years but don't want them to fade to nothing next year.  Anyway, thanks for your response.  Happy gardening.

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